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Event in Sacramento, CA by Toy Fusion Collectible Store on Sunday, September 23 posts in the discussion. Sunday March 8th - H St, Sacramento. GI Joe Cartoon series – Dr. Mindbender. The Berenstain Bears – Papa Q. Bear. Snorks – Dimmy Finster.

Sac-Con "Sacramento's Largest Comic/Toy Show" (Click Here for info). Visit our Currently buying: Star Wars, Gi Joe, Transformers, Super Heroes Lego, He. Toy Fusion's first annual Collectible Toy Show at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center, H St, Sacramento Ca. On Sunday Sept 23rd ion is $5. GI JOE SACRAMENTO SHOW MARCH, By: Tank Mechanic. CLICK HERE FOR THE NEXT PAGE · Back to the Scrapbook.

GI JOE SACRAMENTO SHOW MARCH, By: Tank Mechanic. CLICK HERE FOR THE NEXT PAGE. Back to the Scrapbook. ToyFusion Toys Online! Anyone attending? Anyone attended in the past? Worth it? Sacramento Gi Joe Action Figure Show! Saturday, Feb 21st Sacramento GI Joe show tomorrow. I haven't been for about 3 years now, so to anybody out there that has been there in the last couple of years.

23, ) in Sacramento, CA, Toyfusion, aka "The Real American Toy Store," is hosting its own "Vintage Toy, Action Figure & GIjOE Show. Sacramento Toy Con welcomes actor Arthur Burghardt, the original voice of DESTRO, ICEBERG, and STALKER in the G.I. Joe classic cartoon. The first Fall GI Joe Action-Figure show will be held Saturday, Feb. 25 at Giovanni Hall at St. Mary”s Church, 58th St., Sacramento.

Playhouse”) and Zack Hoffman (“G.I. Joe”). This changes things up from last year's show, which was both celebrity free and admission free. Home > Conventions / Get Togethers > Vintage Toy and G.I. Joe Show ( Sacramento, September 23, ) · Online Photos · jpg. member. Attention Northern California area collectors: The Sacramento Vintage Toy, Action Figure & GI Joe Show is coming, put on by our friends at Toy.

The 8th Annual SACRAMENTO GIJOE ACTION FIGURE show is Saturday, February 25th, at St. Mary's Church in Giovanni Hall on 58th.

The 2nd Annual FALL Sacramento GI Joe Action Figure Show is coming Saturday, September 30, *A SPECIAL APPEARENCE BY. Agent Helix appears as a playable character in the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra .. G.I. Joe Team, as part of a temporary exchange program between American Special . Budo was born in Sacramento, California, and was first released as an . [Archive] Regional sightings, news, shows, get-togethers and more. Sacramento, CA Collectors show - Sept 5 · Calling Out To PA(Didn't Know Where .


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