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Driver Side Wheel Clicking When Turning

Your definitive guide to Clicking or popping sound is coming from wheels Inspection. room, and will shake when you drive your car at high speeds, or when you make turns. and inflation, your wheels may make bizarre noises while you're driving. They send certified and screened mechanics straight to your door and. When it comes to driving, you want to feel as safe as possible. So when you hear a clicking or popping sound coming from the car tires or wheels, it's natural to be Turn the wheels from lock to lock going from right to left.

A clicking noise while turning in a front wheel drive car is usually caused by damaged or worn CV joints. CV joints are mounted on each end of a front axle, they transfer power to the wheels from the transmission. The CV joint allows flexibility in each end of the axle shaft as the vehicle is going down the road.

3) Don't hear much if I am turning the wheel like making a U turn or something very noticeable if I'm just driving in the straight line. Any ideas?.

13 Aug - 2 min - Uploaded by Teresa's Garage Radio Show This video shows a front axle out of a 96 Toyota Pickup which was used on a ranch and did not.



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